Saturday, January 15, 2022

Moose Ridge: Ending to Beginning ~ Craig Hastings    

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While teaching high school art, I discovered I was as thrilled as our students when they won awards or were acknowledged for their accomplishments, and to lift up other people's good works was very gratifying.
So it is my hope you are blessed with a message of grace as I was, through the words of authors featured here. Please join me in welcoming writers of fiction and nonfiction; of romance, suspense, historical and contemporary stories, as they share their work. 

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For the first two weeks of January it is my pleasure to present author Craig Hastings with his latest novel, Moose Ridge: Ending to Beginning  


Publisher: Champagne Book Group (August 2,2021)     

All beginnings lead to endings, but some endings bring beginnings.

Attending Harvard was the first positive thing in Jazmine's life in a long time. While a member of an affluent New York family, her mother died when she was five and her father went to jail when she was twelve. Jazmine lost everything leaving her a ward of the state and becoming a foster child.

Meeting Michael, a medical student was the second positive experience. Now she's looking forward to the perfect life she dreamed about. Leaving Boston and New York behind, the only cities she's ever known, she's on her way to join Michael and start their new life together in Wyoming where he will complete his neurosurgical residency. She's had a lot of hard blows, but now all her hard work and dedication are going to pay off. The day has arrived for her and Michael to start the beginning of their future life together. Jazmine just knows, for once, everything is going to be exactly how she always dreamed it could be...

Then she’s handed the letter.

"Well written and utterly captivating..."

"A story of new beginnings"   

Author: Craig Hastings

Born and raised in Muncie, IN, Craig is about as typical middle-America as they come. His 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, followed by another 15 as a DoD contractor, allowed him to live in several places in the States and overseas. After over 20 years in Germany and the UK, (Craig hates moving), he and his wife settled in Oklahoma City where their three miniature Dachshunds allow Craig and his wife to live with them. He continues working for a major computer company under contract with a major airline manufacturer, which keeps him busy during the weekdays. Leaving evenings and weekends for his writing. Oh, and his major job of taking care of the pups.

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Thank you...and may God bless you all!